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SPUME Marketplace: Bringing Back Power to the NFT Community

In the current NFT space, there exists a few marketplaces where people buy, sell, and auction their tokens. However, with the current arrangement, only an elite few have control over these platforms, thus defeating the decentralized nature that made the blockchain highly appealing in the first place. Cognizant of this, SPUME aims to bring back power to the community by creating a new NFT marketplace.

As the brilliant minds behind the innovative enterprise shared, “The goal of Spume is to return the power back to the holders, fairly reward community members, and create an all-encompassing platform for users to buy, sell, trade, and create non-fungible tokens on multiple blockchains.”

The enterprise stands out for being a completely decentralized and autonomous NFT community, marketplace, and token, the first of its kind in the industry. Unlike other marketplaces, which are centralized and have censorship capabilities, SPUME is controlled by the community in every essence.

To do this, the venture came up with excellent plans that helped carry out its goal. For example, the platform charges 2.5% on every transaction, but instead of going to the pocket of a few individuals, the revenue is paid out evenly to SPUME holders.

Additionally, important decisions like updates to the marketplace and added utilities will be voted on by SPUME holders, effectively removing power from a centralized source and returning it to the actual users of the platform.

On top of that, a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization will be established. Everyone who owns and holds SPUME tokens is considered a shareholder of the DAO and is therefore entitled to vote on proposals made by members. This impressive strategy ensures that the purpose of the venture is fulfilled. 

As a testament to its priority of creating a solid community, SPUME has started to become more visible on social media sites such as Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. The venture also shows its openness to communicate with everyone through its dedicated Discord and Telegram accounts.

Finally, the groundbreaking project has an incredible tokenomics that ensures the proper distribution of its tokens. There is a fixed supply of 100 million SPUME Tokens allotted between a public sale, the DAO Treasury, early backers, private sale, marketing, liquidity, and the team.

The SPUME token is an implementation of Open Zeppelin’s standard ERC20 token, with the addition of their Snapshot class, which allows for transparency as the community can take snapshots of the current SPUME holders at any moment. 

Through its advocacy of upholding the decentralized aspect of blockchains, SPUME is paving the way for a better NFT space where everyone can grow. As it profoundly said, “[It’s] a place where stakeholders have a say in how it is operated and can decide to enact change when they see fit. That is what we are building—a decentralized marketplace where exchanges take place, where transaction fees are redistributed to the stakeholders equally and equitably, and where the user base has the power to decide when and how changes take place.” This is SPUME.