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Stand Up Comedian Keith Ross Nelson Adds Value to People through Wit and Humor

Whether one puts Keith Ross Nelson in comedy clubs, student events, and even cruise ships, they can be sure that he will light up that event. Keith’s impressive experience in comedy has landed him in various roles and given him a kind of versatility that professional entertainers can only attain through hard work and passion. 

Keith Nelson is a writer, actor, producer, director, producer of TV shows and live events, a truly well-rounded artist. His level of expertise as a stand-up comedian brought him to movies like  The R.M, Mobsters, and Mormons. He also became part of Hulu Comedy Shows Comedy Time and Comedy Express and played as one of the leading characters in the 2018 television series Not For Nothin’ that he also co-written and created. 

This versatile stand-up comedian is known for his grit and resilience. These are the two characteristics that make him stand out from the rest. Keith Ross believes that these two qualities are necessary for anyone who wants to make it big in this industry. Nelson’s mantra in life and his career is “never give up,” which has brought him to become an internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian. For more than three decades, Keith Ross Nelson has been bringing stand-up comedy to new levels where people would enjoy life and laughter at the same time. 

As someone oozing with vibrancy and positivity, Keith’s infectious sense of humor has given him a deep connection to many people across the globe. More than talent, this is a gift unique to him. He has performed in numerous live shows in places like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Afghanistan, Guam, and many others, to name a few. 

The number of his followers on Instagram blew up to 40,000. Many young people between 25 and 30 are his biggest fans. He has gained extensive media coverage because of his witty jokes and easy humor. He has also been featured in national publications like iHeart.

“I’d love to be known as the cool Dawho  is seen as funny.” He continued, “There are many sides to many people, and it will be nice to see them embracing all those sides proudly,” says the versatile stand-up comedian. Keith is famous for making fun of himself and using his season as a source of humor. However, his young, calm, and hip countenance on stage makes him younger than his actual age. 

This master of comedy is full of surprises because he has another hidden skill under his sleeves other than making people roll out of their seats. He is an impressive and well-awarded Athlete, a silver medalist at the world’s high jump competition in 1998, and a three-time National Championships in Masters High Jump. In addition, he recently got into martial arts and got a third-degree black belt in Kung Fu at forty-five. 

Keith  can be found on Instagram @Keithrossnelson. He can also be found on his website link

Keith Ross Nelson is committed and passionate to continue adding value to people by making them smile and laugh. He believes that by doing this, he is providing an avenue for people to breathe despite the difficulties of life.