How New Logistics Technology is Making Inventory Management Faster and More Convenient

Although many assume the delivery process to be little more than getting something from point A to point B. Much more happens behind the scenes to ensure the successful transportation of the parcel. Last-mile logistics company Senpex mobile app is revolutionizing. How businesses approach local deliveries, offering solutions that not only make their operations run more smoothly. But also drum up sales in the process.

Last-mile delivery is, generally, relatively timely, as most involve delivering perishable goods such as food, flowers, or medical samples. As such, any delay in the delivery process could have a substantial impact on both. The recipient customer and the company they ordered from. “Being able to place an order quickly and conveniently allows businesses to focus on what matters most. Their business,” says Anar Mammadov, owner and CEO of Senpex.

Businesses can place a delivery order through Senpex conveniently using their browser. The Senpex mobile app, or through their API — one of the most popular software solutions. Senpex offers that allows businesses to streamline their delivery process significantly. Customers place an order on the business’s website like any other order. Also a delivery order is automatically create with Senpex’s network of drivers. Thus allowing the business’s employees to focus on fulfillment while Senpex handles all delivery logistics.

Senpex mobile app can also process hundreds of orders uploaded at once in a simple spreadsheet. This feature is helpful for enterprises making a series of last-mile deliveries or collections that involve several stops. Rather than uploading every stop as an individual order, businesses can submit all of them as a single, multi-stop order.

Keeping the client informed during the delivery process

For businesses, knowing where a product is along every step of the delivery process is crucial. This is particularly true when dealing with sensitive materials such as the health specimens and data that Senpex handles. “Health care providers have very specific delivery needs,” explains Mammadov. “Their deliveries must be accurate, secure, and quick, or else there may be catastrophic consequences for both the company and their patients. Our solutions at Senpex ensure that medical companies can deliver packages when and how they need to.”

Senpex allows its clients to track the progress of their deliveries from pickup to drop-off. As a result, businesses can stay on top of their deliveries’ ETAs and keep recipients and customers informed and happy. And if it is a multi-stop delivery — for instance, a batch of orders being sent out to multiple recipients — the client will be able to see exactly when each one is delivered.

The importance of optimizing delivery routes

When a business places an order for delivery services, they are instantly matches with the closest driver who will be able to deliver the package most efficiently. Once the delivery is complete, a rating and tipping system ensures that drivers are held accountable, and allows clients to see the success and reliability of the drivers who will be transporting their goods. “Businesses want to know that their parcels are in good hands,” says Mammadov. “With our system, our clients can rest assured that they will have the best person on the job.”

The main draw of Senpex’s delivery solutions is their AI-driven routing optimization software. The moment a client places an order and a delivery driver is assign to it, the system creates the most efficient route for the driver to reach their destination in a timely manner. In addition, the user-friendly Senpex app delivers real-time updates to drivers, adjusting their route based on live conditions to maximize efficiency.

When the delivery is complete, clients receive electronic proof of delivery assuring them that their delivery is reach at its destination, bringing an added layer of assurance for the recipient as well as the client that Senpex works with. This is especially crucial if the recipient must act quickly with the parcel they have receive, be it medical samples that must be check or perishable food items that must be appropriately store to prevent spoilage.

Understanding what is happening throughout every step in the delivery process gives clients a sense of comfort. After all, they entrust the delivery company and driver with a vital part of their business. If they fail to complete the delivery promptly — or worse yet, not at all — that could have serious consequences. Senpex’s industry-leading tools ensure their clients receive the best last-mile delivery service possible.