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The Cat People Are Invading the Metaverse, Seeking the Key to Their Salvation

A new age is about to dawn for the Cat People, an emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community, as they invade the metaverse to find a way to save their species that is on the brink of an energy crisis. Characters in the total of 9,999 Cat People will be available for minting. The pre-sale will be happening on March 2, 2022, whilst the public minting will automatically follow the next day. The community’s objective is to build a blockchain-powered open-world metaverse that will bridge players and creatives into a metacommerce ecosystem, making the project one of the most innovative initiatives in the blockchain today.

The Cat People digital art is designed to be 100% in 3D, vibrant with colorful skins, fur patterns, headgear, eyes, and clothing.

“Remnants such as clothing is how both cultures, of both the Cat People and the humans, merge,” the founders explained. “No attributes deviate from the cohesive, stylized 3D art. The programs, Blender and ZBrush, were used to create the collection. Because the cats are made in 3D, we have also rigged and optimized them fully, which means they are game-ready. Collectors will be able to take their cats into the 3D space and interact with their art,” they added.

Furthermore, none of the token assets are pre-made. “They have all been meticulously modeled out to a very high standard. In 3D, the more detail to an object, especially when the object is rounded or has curves, the more polygons make up the object. The higher the polygon count of an object, the longer it takes to render the 3D render, and the computer slows down. Many collections out there using hyper-realistic 3D art, with a high polygon count, will find it extremely challenging porting their pieces into a video game,” they revealed. 

Each Cat People character is uniquely designed to be game-ready once they hit the metaverse. Naturally, cat lovers who are also digital art collectors will find the token community very interesting and promising. One of the biggest objectives of the founders is to create an NFT framework that will allow contributors, game logic/asset developers to earn a profit when players within the community interact with their distinct creations. 

Their story begins in a civilization far into the galaxy. In their relentless attempt to find the most effective solution to their energy crisis, they discover Earth, which is slowly recovering from a nuclear war between humans. The nuclear fallout brings about the emergence of a mutant breed of fish. Their evolution allows them to discharge an unlimited amount of electricity, allowing them to power cities and even empires.

Each character will sell for 0.1 ETH during the pre-sale, whilst the public can buy it for 0.12 ETH on March 3. Secondary royalty fees are pegged at 6%. The community founders are made up of individuals who excel in 3D projects, marketing, and business development. Founders Arthur Ehrensperger, Andrew Ehrensperger, Andre Guerra, Brendan Loscar, and Terin Guerra are joined by Annah Patterson, Thomas Meier, Austin Saylor, and Brandon Kociper. Together, the team is poised to dominate the metaverse with its metacommerce ecosystem and tokenomics, designed to reward contributions.

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