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The CryptoBear Watch Club Set to Leave Lasting Ripples Across the Real World and the Digital World

NFT projects established before the sudden popularity generated a lot of success, inspiring more people to develop their own brands. In almost one year, hundreds, if not thousands, of new projects emerged with many big names in the art community hopping on board to help launch some of the most unique NFTs in the space. Joining the fray is the CryptoBear Watch Club.

The CryptoBear Watch Club is a collection of 10,000 exclusive NFT collectibles that inhabit the Ethereum Blockchain, though the supply was cut during the public sale. Like many NFTs, the CBWC NFTs utilize digital art. However, the project takes its initiative further by creating 2D and 3D art pieces. Each artwork is hand-drawn with more than 450 unique traits that give them a distinct identity, adding value to the CryptoBear Watch Club community.

The project uses 2D art in its promotions, while 3D art breathes life into the NFTs. Each bear will be airdropped into the holder’s wallets, enabling them to use the avatars across the entire Metaverse and the project’s upcoming MMORPG game. Holders will also access the project’s 6×6 Sandbox plot, which will be right next to the central Atari Hub.

While CBWC may seem like every other project in the NFT space, it takes its prizes to the next level, giving away real high-end watches worth $1 million. Additionally, holders will be airdropped exclusive Arkouda Utility tokens that can be redeemed for real watches monthly. Members also gain access to exclusive perks that allow them to join high-profile events that celebrate the spirited nature of the CryptoBear Watch Club.

The collection sold out on February 22, during its public sale. It sold out 3,010 NFTs, and the whitelist sale the day before sold out 2,500 NFTs. During the public sale, the developers decided to cut the supply to make the NFT more exclusive to the holders, since it’s a luxury NFT.

Apart from its unique artwork, CBWC has a rich backstory that introduces people to the land of Arkouda, where four groups have taken turns ruling. The change of guard had always been conducted peacefully throughout its history, with the volcano Mount Matakur erupting to signal a new era. However, the ordeal changed when the apes refused to step down, causing the volcano to spew its lava more frequently. Despite the world in an uproar, the apes have only tightened their control over the land, subjugating the other creatures and restricting access to important locations on the map.

Every inhabitant of the land dreams of overthrowing the apes’ tyranny, but the bears are hopeful for the fulfillment of a prophecy that promises a bringer of change will come to lead them in their mission. However, the legend of the ape’s downfall will only pass if a hero rises to the occasion to win back the freedom that all creatures once enjoyed.

Amid the uprising, the apes have not gotten lost in their power. Instead, they rallied their forces to search the continent for the “Bringer of Change” to try to thwart the bears, whose strength is only doubled with the tools that allow them to manipulate time. When bears with unique powers come together, a new ability unlocks, allowing them to take their powers even further and maybe travel back in time. However, the story is only just beginning.

The CryptoBear Watch Club’s unique artworks come from the talents of Stuart Holroyd, an international commercial illustrator who has worked in film and TV. He has lent his talent to various film projects from Warner Brothers, Netflix, Animal Planet, and History Channel, to name a few. Stuart’s works have also associated him with stars like Dave Bautista, Kevin James, and Elijah Wood.

Coupled with Stuart’s talents and the jaw-dropping utilities of the CryptoBear Watch Club, the NFT project is bound to make waves throughout the digital space.

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