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The DCB World NFT Merges Beautiful Art With Massive Utility and Autonomous Lucky Draw Game

These days, NFTs are all the rage. The non-fungible tokens have taken over the metaverse offering wildly unique use cases with so much potential increase in value within the blockchain. Each NFT project that has come out of the woodwork has been met with legions of fans and investors who have built a community of like-minded individuals. The breadth of creativity in the space is truly unmatched, and here to become the latest proof of that fact is Dot Com Billionaires or more popularly known as DCB World.

There is no other NFT project out there quite like DCB World. The project offers unique digital art pieces totalling a collection of 1,000,000 limited non-fungible tokens. The tokens are designed by none other than Romero Britto, Brazilian-born visual genius who has made a name for himself with his distinct artistic stylings. 

The famed artist is known for his signature style that features vibrant, iconic imagery and fun patterns. Britto’s reputation truly precedes him, he has been dubbed by CNN as the world’s most licensed artist in history. The Miami-based artist earned this title by doing exhibits for galleries and museums in more than 100 countries.

Furthermore, Britto’s creations have been part of the art collections of the world’s biggest celebrities. The renowned artist has even had the opportunity to collaborate with big names such as Prince Charles, Sir Elton John, Michael Jordan, Leonardo Di Caprio, and DJ Khaled.

Romero Britto’s storied career pushes the DCB World NFT further into modern art territory allowing him to showcase his art and modernize it through the power of blockchain. 

Britto is also the founder of the Happy Art Movement, a platform that promotes his goal of creating a visual language of love, hope, and happiness.

Apart from the art itself, NFTs are also valued based on their utility. DCB World is a project that is known for its remarkable utility, levels that have never been seen before in the world of NFTs.

As a reward to the most loyal community members, the DCB World token developers will also be holding a weekly lottery with a grand total prize pool of 42,000 ETH. Holders will automatically be part of the weekly raffle with their NFTs serving as their tickets.

DCB World token holders can request a one-of-a-kind physical copy of the NFT, which will be shipped directly from the Britto Shop at an exclusive cost. 

Furthermore, holders can also become part of the whitelist and mint upcoming drops early, participate in future events in its very own metaverse location, and receive early access to the $DCB token.

The highly anticipated DCB World token has already captured the attention of the biggest names in the world. A-list personalities such as DJ Khaled, Steve Aoki, Rampage the Dancer, Tim Cahil, and Joe Adibe are already holders of the token, and more celebrities are sure to follow suit. 

The NFT project also has a highly engaged community all across its social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Telegram.

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