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The High Society NFT: A Perfect World for Humans, Cannabis and Positive Vibes

The NFT world has continued to thrive and grow, with multiple new projects hitting the scene every day. Creators have also kept their resolve on to keep expressing themselves through NFTs while introducing a lot of new things into the Web 3.0 environment. With many NFT projects featuring animal characters and other forms of art, The High Society NFT is changing the narrative by launching a human-inspired collection, citing the possibility of humans being an integral part of the metaverse, enjoying a new type of unity and taking away the stigma attached to Cannabis.

Motivated by a massive gap in the NFT space, the creators of The High Society NFT felt that humans were not placed on the appropriate pedestal in the NFT industry, so they set out to fill that gap. They decided to take another route different from the typical animal-inspired NFT collections that have filled the space. The High Society NFT showcases humans in an advanced society that is without the stigma attached the cannabis, and the artwork depicts that much.

One of the goals of The High Society NFT is to unite people of different races and colors and uplift the ideology behind cannabis into a widely accepted one. “The High Society is a social club with ongoing projects that will be released further along with its development. The art is a human face wrapped around a cannabis bong located inside a prominent lounge. The collection will include variations and derivatives of celebrities and the world’s most prominent features,” the founders said. “Let’s lift each other up. Light up, enjoy the vibes, and most importantly of all, welcome, to The High Society,” they added.

The founders of The High Society NFT are two visionary entrepreneurs who have worked in prominent companies in Silicon Valley. They have extensive experience working on successful projects and hope to leverage that experience to launch a noteworthy project that many people will be proud to be a part of. The founders are proponents of hard work, and their critical thinking and problem-solving approach set them apart in the quality of projects they champion. “Our mission is always to bring something to your living room you can enjoy, share with your friends, and truly be part of what The High Society is. More than art, our mission is to bring positive vibes to you and those around you, here in the world and equally as in the metaverse,” the creators explained.

By June 17, 2022, The High Society NFT project will release its 2D and 3D artworks with its mint price set at 0.1 ETH while promising utilities like 2D NFT and 3D NFTs, 1 Holder’s Box, Whitelists and Giveaways, secret utility access and exclusive access to party invitations. A whitelist sale will also hold anytime from now to give prospective holders the chance to own The High Society NFT at discounted prices. A thriving community of prospective holders is building up on Discord, which promises to be the start of this highly vaunted society.

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