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The NFT Space Receives a Major Boost with the Introduction of New Marketplace, Tronic

In the past year, the NFT space has quickly grown into one of the most booming industries on the digital landscape, with thousands of projects pouring in daily. However, while there has been an influx of NFTs, the marketplace has been very limited. So a group of developers decided to band together to form a solution, resulting in the creation of Tronic.

Tronic is a Web3 company dedicated to prioritizing its customers. Built on blockchain technology, the platform allows creators to manage, distribute, and monetize their visions on the NFT market. Tronic built a whole ecosystem that recently released the first drops of its collections. To enable mass adoption of their medium through active investment into creators of novel drop concepts, Tronic is creating tools to help onboard creators more effectively and efficiently, creating fair and symbiotic sustainable relationships.

“We understand that Web3 is a new and exciting world and that the manifestation of this future will take on all shapes and forms,” said the Tronic team. “We are looking beyond current trends and empowering all forms of artwork, music, film, science, and keeping our minds open to where technology evolves mankind and mankind evolves technology.”

Tronic collaborated with selected artists worldwide to deliver unique, artistically interesting collections that long-time crypto fans and first-timers will enjoy. Among the artists working with Tronic are Luke Wessman and Magdiel Lopez.

Luke Wessman is a renowned tattoo artist and painter who has built a solid reputation in the art world. He came into the tattoo scene in the late ’90s. A self-made individual who was homeless at fifteen, Luke has produced art for over 25 years. However, in his early days at a tattoo shop, one image was imprinted in his head: the panther head. After thorough research, Wessman found that the panther is associated with words like power, protector, freedom, and courage. Since then, he has made countless versions of panthers. Recently, Wessman entered the NFT space, introducing his panther artworks into the blockchain as the Panther Phobia collection.

Magdiel Lopez is a self-taught creative and digital artist from Havana. His first venture into NFT started in September when he released the Qverse NFT, a collection of 100 original 1-of-1 NFT works. The works are broken down into four unique drops that release 20 NFTs with the ability to unlock five special characters per drop. The characters also contain specific traits apart from their unique design. Once the combinations are collected, a story will reveal itself, grafting a highly valuable NFT for collectors.

Aside from these collections, Tronic is set to release the Tronic Pass, which is the platform’s unique utility token and embodies its mission to elevate the NFT space and onboard the next generation of NFT creators and collectors. Holders get exclusive access and value within its global community. They will also be giving benefits that include giveaways, rewards, airdrops, full-time access to Tronic platform tools, roadmap voting, Web3 conferences, and other events.

With the introduction of the new platform, Tronic is set to revolutionize the NFT marketplace.

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