The Wild Goat Gang Ensuring Financial Gains for Their Holders

The Wild Goat Gang is home to 9,999 Wild Goat NFTs that have been magnificently hand-drawn with its color palette by skillful artists who made sure that each Wild Goat NFT is original and distinct. The people behind this fun project include talented artists, entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists. Besides the distinctive creations, WGG is also a primary partner of the Black Goat Farm Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. WGG will then contribute a percentage of an investment to the real Wild Goat Gang.

The Wild Goat Gang team has an ongoing utility roadmap to update those interested. Through this roadmap, the team also outlines their goals and the path they intend to take, coming up with many ideas and concepts that could evolve to make the Wild Goat Gang even better.

Minting a Wild Goat would require 0.08 Ethereum plus gas. The NFT will be available to mint directly from their website by simply connecting a MetaMask wallet. There will be a pre-sale happening, and the team will be rewarding their most active community members who reach the top rank on their Discord service with access to the whitelist. WGG will send exclusive invitations to the guests a few days before the official launch.

Although there has been a myriad of NFTs on the market, Wild Goat Gang separates itself from the competition by providing its holders with a remarkable experience.

“Aside from our winning team of crypto enthusiasts and digital media experts, we have watched the mass adoption of NFTs come to life, and we quickly understood the difference between good and bad projects. We are tired of projects with ‘influencers’ shilling who couldn’t tell you what an ‘NFT’ stands for, the severe lack of community involvement with all the hype and 0 innovation, lazy launches, fake followers and a complete lack of utility. So we adopted the formulas from the winning projects we had the privilege of being a part of to create a new beast that will ensure financial gains for our diamond hand-holders,” they explained.

To learn more about the gang, check out their website.

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