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Top 5 Affordable Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Photo: CoinGape 

The digital world, Metaverse, has its own selection of less expensive cryptocurrencies than you think. Almost all coins were brought about by several games that monetize their game levels with token rewards for players to purchase or play them to earn more. 

Here are five cryptocurrencies worth looking at if you’re interested in metaverse coins (priced under $10): 

Decentraland (Current Price: $2.67)

Decentraland project is a strides-forward development of blockchain technology powered by Ethereum and gives people creative freedom. For example, users can purchase land plots to navigate, construct, and monetize later. 

The Sandbox (Current Price: $3.47)

In 2011, Pixowl introduced the world’s first blockchain-based gaming platform. The Sandbox allows users to make their own cryptocurrency and trade it with others in a video game environment. 

The project prioritizes assisting an innovative “play-to-earn” model, enabling users to be creators and gamers simultaneously.

Theta Network (Current Price: $3.90)

Theta Network is a new and exciting way to share videos with your friends – video streaming. This space was created to connect seamlessly, without any interruptions in quality or speed of playback.

The developers of this platform believe that it has the power to revolutionize video streaming. They state centralization, weak infrastructure and expensiveness as reasons why users give out lackluster performances nowadays – but their new system will change all these aspects.

Stacks (Current Price: $1.47)

Stacks is a new blockchain solution that will carry smart contacts and decentralized applications to Bitcoin without altering its features like security or stability. Furthermore, the decentralized apps are open and modular, allowing access from different developers to improve each other’s apps.

Enjin Coin (Current Price: $1.81)

The world of gaming is about to become more interconnected with the launch of Enjin Coin. This new cryptocurrency will provide an environment for users and developers alike to create websites or communities in their favorite games using its blockchain technology-powered systems that are both secure and scalable.