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Upcoming NFT Community Known as Dirty Dawgs Attracts Basketball Enthusiasts

Exciting news is currently going around the metaverse as the upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) community known as Dirty Dawgs is steadily making itself known, most especially to basketball enthusiasts, who are also digital art collectors and avid crypto fans. The private collection of 8,888 distinct characters grants its future owners exclusive access to the Baller Universe, which includes an expansive play-to-earn game, a unique secondary market, and extraordinary world experiences never before seen in the blockchain. 

The token community will feature randomly generated characters that combine rare and unique features, including colorful backgrounds, skin colors, eyes, clothing, head accessories, eyewear, and teeth, among others. The Dirty Dawgs characters feature hand-drawn bulldog artworks that come with a one-of-a-kind algorithm output. Interestingly, each token character can be considered a living and breathing work of art that has the potential to influence future digital artworks within the metaverse. Overall, there are more than 100 hand-drawn traits that are designed to entertain and add value to the NFT collection of digital art collectors.

Becoming a Dirty Dawgs holder entitles the holders a slot in the community’s Tesla Model 3 live drawing giveaway. Endless forms of entertainment can be expected in the form of regular NBA tickets, watch parties, and exclusive Web3 networking events, that is the community’s way of giving back. 

Each Dirty Dawgs token is classified by categories. Five lucky holders will get to randomly mint the Ultra Rare Dirty Dawgs tokens and will split a $25,000 cash incentive. The token community is in the process of purchasing The Dawg Pound, an Airbnb that will allow Ultra Rare and Legendary holders to share 50% of the monthly revenues from the rent. The remaining 50% will go to additional community giveaways, funding floor sweeps, play-to-earn development, and marketing efforts. 

The Legendary Dirty Dawg holder will have a $25,000 cash incentive and is entitled to a lifetime reward of two tickets to the NBA Finals every year. Finals tickets are only provided through ownership; if the NFT is sold to a new buyer, that buyer is now eligible for the tickets. 

Dirty Dawgs holders will be given a baller in the metaverse, enabling a play-to-earn earning potential. “Our love for the game of basketball is the core of this project. With that being said, we will be giving away endless forms of entertainment to all holders, which include NBA tickets regularly, watch parties, and exclusive web3 networking events as a means to give back to the community,” the community managers explained. The game will enable holders to compete in a three-on-three themed basketball league, where they get to earn rewards, achievements, special items, and player upgrades.

Apart from this, Dirty Dawgs token owners also get exclusive access to a group of like-minded individuals and collectors. Additionally, they get the chance to enjoy great cash benefits and exclusive utilities that will be the envy of non-community members in the long run. 

The token community will also feature an epic contest, which will introduce the legendary title of Dirtiest Dawg. Interested token holders can showcase their athletic prowess, skills, technical mastery of basketball, and their willingness to go through continuous upgrades to become a legend within the community. Only the toughest, most determined, and competitive players are guaranteed a good chance of winning the title. 

The community creators and managers of Dirty Dawgs purposefully created the community to be a safe space for everyone from all walks of life. It does not promote any kind of discrimination but instead gives people with love for basketball and NFT to come together and share a common vision. 

“Our target audience is people who genuinely share the love for NFTs, Web3, blockchain technology and the entire world of sports as much as our team does. We focus on networking and are looking for a strong community of people who want to expand their horizons, meet new people, and be a part of something far greater than themselves,” the creators added.

Just like many emerging NFT communities in the metaverse today, Dirty Dawgs intends to give profits back to the community through exciting rewards and project growth. While the community has yet to announce the official day it is launching in May 2022, multiple investors have already expressed their interest in the emerging NFT. Minting will be taking place on OpenSea.

Very soon, it is expected to release additional details, including the price per token during minting day.

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