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Upcoming Project Meta Skellies Breaks Away from the Animal Theme Within the NFT Space

The past decade has seen the crypto industry define the new digital era alongside technological innovation, but last year saw the industry gain further momentum as non-fungible tokens became the hottest topic online. Although they had been around for some time, NFTs only started sharing the spotlight with cryptocurrency last year.

Although NFTs come in various forms ranging from the visual arts to music, the majority of established and upcoming projects opted to use digital art as their primary medium. In addition, most projects in the NFT space have settled for a two-dimensional, cartoon style with an animal theme for their tokens. 

With how congested the market has become, other projects have started looking to create something that could help them stand out. One project decided to stray from the typical themes and looked inward to find the solution. As a result, Meta Skellies was created.

Meta Skellies is a collection of over 10,000 unique ERC-721 standard NFTs called Skellies generated from DeFi staking and built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens consist of a series of 2D cartoon styles reminiscent of the contemporary graffiti style seen in urban settings. In addition, the Skellies come with unique accessories that make them some of the most charming NFTs in the market. 

Each Skelly is 100% unique and consists of many varying traits and attributes, all of which are entirely hand-drawn. With a custom algorithm, each Skelly NFT’s trait is carefully selected, eliminating the chance for holders to receive similar tokens. Although the majority of the NFTs are designed with a modern look, each trait was inspired by cultures and places across the globe. To achieve their unique look, the designing process occurred under the watchful eyes of experts who observed the entire process from the start.

Holders who own a Skelly NFT have a chance to receive passive income by using the Skelly tokens in the Skellies Ecosystem. The tokens allow holders to participate in the Skellies Festival, a one-week event set to launch after the initial drop. Additionally, holders are invited to the Private Skellies Holder Club on Discord, granting them access to channels and events in real life. Future holders will also get the privilege of being the first to gain information about future developments of the project. They will also be updated through Twitter and Instagram. “Our team aims to create a platform where non-utility NFT could be utilized in a brand-new way,” said the project developers.

Meta Skellies is dedicated to creating a unique project and NFT for people who can appreciate all art forms, have ambitions for creative ways for utilizing NFTs, carry interest in a revolutionary project, appreciate being part of an amazing community, hold a vision for new technology within the NFT space, and for people who care about the value provided in a project.

Meta Skellies is set to launch in May. The pre-sale will occur one hour before the public sale, allowing whitelisted members to participate and get ahead of the rest. In addition, holders will benefit from holding rewards distributed among holders and automatic participation in airdrops and giveaways.

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