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Veloce The NFT Car Club Lets Holders Live Life on the Fast Lane with Exclusive Real-Life Rewards

The Metaverse has seen tremendous growth over the years. Countless NFT projects have come out recently, each with its own loyal communities and niche themes. These NFT projects promise massive potential valuation as the digital assets are poised to increase in value, but more than that, some projects also offer exclusive real-life rewards that are ripe for the taking. One such NFT project goes by the name of Veloce The NFT Car Club, a project that promises to take its holders and investors to the fast lane towards success.

Most NFT projects these days are solely used as PFPs or simple profile pictures. However, Veloce, which is the Italian word for “fast,” sets itself apart as its digital art pieces feature a timeless mix of multiple mediums, combining hand-drawn elements with digital renderings, all curated by a renowned local Seattle artist. Apart from the high-quality art, the project also functions as a membership card with multiple utility use cases.

The esteemed NFT project was founded by cryptocurrency millionaire Adrian Ene-Stroescu, serial entrepreneur Ray Bacova, and renowned artist JJ Demir and developed by car enthusiasts for other car enthusiasts to enjoy. Veloce, which is the Italian word for “fast,” consists of 5,000 unique supercar-themed NFTs with rare variants being animated GIFs with different permutations. The simplicity of the chosen backgrounds is staged in a way to enhance and showcase the beauty and precision of the vehicle at hand. 

Each vehicle that was specifically chosen for the project is not only proportionally accurate and artistically pleasing, but it also has a significant influence on the car culture community. All car lovers from different walks of life will definitely enjoy each of the chosen cars in the art pieces that the project founders have carefully curated. 

Veloce The NFT Car Club showcased on a Times Square billboard

Ultimately, Veloce aims to connect like-minded individuals to form a community of automobile enthusiasts who are passionate about cars and NFTs. Individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset will definitely see that this NFT project is in an entirely different league of its own.

In line with its goals, the project founders have set up many opportunities for investors and holders to connect among themselves and with Veloce staff. The NFTs will be readily available for networking within the metaverse, and community members may also join the project’s Discord server and real-life events to get acquainted. 

“Most car enthusiasts understand the deep passion that exists in this community, and our mission is to collectively join car enthusiasts where they can express their appreciation for cars. Having this access eliminates the potential social anxiety of approaching other car enthusiasts as opposed to being brought together within a trusted online group,” shared the project founders.  

There is no other NFT out there quite like Veloce The NFT Car Club. The project focuses on its notable art pieces that are visually stunning and showcase-ready. Most NFT projects out there consist of cartoon animal avatars that are used as PFPs. Veloce is not pixelated but hand-drawn by a renowned artist who has worked with large labels such as Nordstrom, LaMarzocco, and many more. The attention to detail alone separates itself compared to the majority of NFT collections. The innovative properties of the artwork add more value compared to any other NFT on the market.