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Ways the Metaverse Can Revolutionize Screen Production

Photo: FinExtra

The recent pandemic is currently impacting screen production. However, there could soon be a hero to this industry’s dilemma – metaverse technology may save them. 

Imagine a world where you can explore and interact with others in virtual reality. The metaverse is an immersive environment that offers this type of socialization through virtual and augmented realities. 

With the metaverse, directors can communicate with actors through AR glasses and have them wear them during takes. The director will appear in front of the actor as if they’re right next to each other. 

In such a manner, the operation of the media room makes progress, making it a communications center with a range of cameras and displays. It is already set in motion and is something tech giants seek to generate further. 

Microsoft has developed the Mesh for Teams, an example of how mixed reality can be used in meetings and collaborations. The system enables three-dimensional holographic interaction between coworkers by allowing them to see each other as if they were right there, present at their desk or across town.

With green screens, actors can film separately from various crews and then put together a scene. They may also wear AR glasses in order to see each other when they are on set and digitally remove them as Justice League did with Henry Cavill’s mustache. 

The production could benefit from using two human stand-ins and then utilizing illusion technology to alter their faces. In addition, it is helpful if the actors need to touch one another physically.

The result largely depends on the actors, both their ability and performance. They need to learn another set of skills to make it seem like they’re really there interacting with each other.

With modern technology not entirely solving the dilemma and old tech never truly dying, a balance of both may be an ideal solution.

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