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What Makes The Modern Rose an Irresistible Choice for Tea Lovers

With over 60 different organic, single-origin, locally sourced, and boutique teas available for clients to choose from, The Modern Rose is a vegan oasis that offers a one-of-a-kind experience to all of its clients. The eclectic cafe also offers locally roasted Calusa Coffee, which is also freshly ground and made in-house. Those who have tried The Modern Rose brew have kept coming back and continue exploring its wide selection of vegan options. 

The Modern Rose is best known for its Vanilla Dirty Chai, Rose Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, Almond Joy Latte, Lavender Latte, Cinnamon Mocha Latte, and Market Macchiato. The signature tea drinks, on the other hand, include Dragon Tea, Caramel Creme Brulee, Creamy London, Passion Breeze, Mermaid Latte, Eva’s Banana Chai Latte, Maple Chai Latte, and Blue Maui.

Apart from the irresistible coffee and tea, the cafe also features vegan and traditional sweets and meals that are all available gluten-free and prepared with love. From its avocado toasts to the CBR (chicken-bacon ranch flatbread), to mixed greens salads, sweet matcha-infused French toast, and Keto breakfast, experiencing The Modern Rose is truly worth repeating. 

Whether clients are looking for a quiet place to hang out, a cafe that will fulfill their cravings or something new to try out, The Modern Rose is the perfect go-to place for all ages. All the ingredients used are fresh from the market and guaranteed safe and healthy. The special attention to detail and the quality of their products can all be attributed to the commitment and hard work of the owner, Jimena Dominguez. 

The award-winning cafe is also a testament to Jimena’s personal success story as someone who first came to the United States as an au pair with a student visa to become one of the most promising owners of a million-dollar company. As a business owner, she has defied many boundaries, exceeded the expectations of the people around her who believed in her potential, and braved many challenges until she reached her current state. Buying The Modern Rose came at the perfect time and became an opportunity for her to showcase what she is truly made of. 

“We actually fell in love with the brand as regulars, and when the opportunity to purchase it three years ago presented itself, we jumped on it without hesitation, ready to make our mark, run it our way, and do things differently,” she said.

Ultimately, Jimena wants to create new and memorable experiences for every person who visits her cafe. By creating a light, fun, and comfortable ambiance, she attracts people from all directions. 

“We’d like our community to know that we’re here, we’re always innovating for them, never resting on our laurels, coming up with new methods of production and presentation, and fun ways to break the mold and create memorable experiences for our guests,” Jimena shared. 

Despite her current success, Jimena has no plans of slowing down at all. She envisions her business expanding to four locations in South Florida and helping franchisees open outside of Florida. She is strongly considering establishing shops from the Northeast to California. As someone known for making her dreams happen, her expansion plans are not far from happening in the near future.

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