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Wonkey Donkeys Enter NFT Space to End Injustice toward Hard-Working Donkeys

Donkeys have long been tied with the idea of strength as they are known to endure even the heaviest weights at long distances. But sometimes, their strength is also abused. Wonkey Donkeys aim to put an end to the injustice done to donkeys worldwide by filling the NFT space with powerful donkeys equipped with many utilities. 

Wonkey Donkey is a den of degen donkeys that were neglected by their careless farm owners, who are now making their way to the digital space to maximize their strength. The donkeys were mistreated and experimented on by their owners. Today, they seek retribution. The experiments harmed many of the donkeys but also left some with special powers and empowered them to rise against their oppressors.

Wonkey Donkeys are governed by a smart contract that prioritizes transparency within its community and ensures that no NFTs are duplicated. In addition, the team employed a trusted in-house developer that guaranteed each selected trait is verifiably random and is generated in real-time upon minting, thus eliminating the waiting time for token reveals. 

Furthermore, Wonkey Donkeys is revolutionizing its process by eliminating Ethereum gas fees through its unique ticketing system built to help its community save as much as possible, which allows holders to claim their purchased NFT when gas fees are at their lowest. 

In addition, the founders also revealed that they would be releasing an eComic book featuring a gang of Wonkey Donkeys. The story will revolve around the donkeys’ plight to fight back against the evil farm owners. The eComic will be limited, and the proceeds will go towards charities and fund campaigns raised for donkey sanctuaries and other projects that support anti-donkey cruelty campaigns.

In addition, the team behind the Wonkey Donkey collection, Digital Fever, has revealed that holders of the Wonkey Donkey token will receive several benefits from them. These benefits include whitelist and private sale opportunities and networking events.

On its roadmap, Wonkey Donkeys stated several milestones they want to reach. Upon 25% sellout, the project will be unrolling an innovative marketing plan to spread more awareness of the NFTs, conduct a community giveaway, announce its first celebrity partner, and release a teaser for its upcoming eComic. At 50%, the project will have a huge celebrity drop, founders will have more inside look to the eComic, and the Donkey Den NFT staking game will commence production.

At 75% sellout, Wonkey Donkeys will introduce the villains the NFTs have to defeat, release its highly anticipated eComic, and open the Donkey Coin Community. Finally, at 100%, the founders will provide original holders with a physical copy of their Wonkey Donkey NFT, release 100 villain NFTs, provide monthly comic drops, and launch the official Donkey Coin. By this stage, the creators will also be integrating the Donkey Coin with the Donkey Den NFT staking game, which will provide holders with another avenue for generating income. 

To give interested collectors a chance to stake their claim on Wonkey Donkeys, the founders will be limiting the purchase to three NFTs during the pre-sale and ten NFTs during its official launch. The creators are yet to announce the date of the project’s launch, the pre-sale, as well as the official minting price.

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