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Yuga Labs integrates the first council in the Bored Ape community

The Bored Ape community gets its first council with seven holders selected

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Yuga Labs recently named seven Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners to become the first community council to handle community feedback.

Web3’s powerhouse has settled on seven of the community’s most active members.

The council

The council was first revealed in a Yuga Labs blog post published on Wednesday.

According to the company, the seven will focus on collecting and curating community feedback.

You will also be responsible for leading philanthropic efforts.

In the blog post, Yuga said he wants to keep the board “autonomous,” meaning it won’t be governed by the startup.

Members are expected to contribute and present ideas for future initiatives.

The decision to create a community council confirms that Yuga Labs seeks to welcome its NFT owners and give them the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns.

“This council, and future councils to come, puts a more formal, efficient and consistent process in place for Yuga leadership to get community feedback and advice on an ongoing basis,” the post reads.

A word from one of the council members

One of the newly appointed board members, Wave or oxWave, believes that their job is to gather the ideas and sentiments of the community rather than impose their preferences.

He also said he wanted to help the community better understand crypto security, especially when it comes to protecting their NFTs.

Data from Dune shows that 413 Bored and Mutant Ape NFTs are currently marked as “stolen” on OpenSea.

“Holding these assets puts a target on your back to bad actors,” said Wave.

The community reacts

The announcement of the seven sparked disappointment among community members, with some even expressing bitterness at not being selected.

An annoyed monkey named Storm took to Twitter to speak out and wrote:

“I’m not mad I’m not on the official BAYC community counsel [sic] I just want to know what I’m doing wrong.”

“I would advocate for not seeing the current council as forever enshrined, but rather a first iteration,” Wave replied.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users were surprised that owner “ThreadGuy” was not selected for the board.

Despite council members’ optimism, reactions on social media have been mostly mixed.

One user applauded Yuga, saying the board is what Web3 should be like.

However, tech journalist Asa Hiken noted that Yuga Labs personally chose members to represent the community, rather than holding a vote among them.

There has been no word on the criteria Yuga Labs used to evaluate potential board members or how they were chosen. 


Yuga Labs forms Bored Ape Community council—but not everyone in community approves

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