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NFT Tech on Pushing Brands and IP Holders Toward the World of Web3

In recent years, the general public has not only grown intimately privy to non-fungible tokens and the considerable value they bring to the table but has also come across a seemingly futuristic concept called Web3. The concept has been gaining a lot of attention, as it allows for the creation of unique digital assets (NFTs) that can be bought, sold, and traded like physical assets. They have become particularly useful for brands and IP holders, as they provide a new way to monetize digital content and protect against intellectual property theft.
However, although it may seem a novel idea to many, Web3, a catch-all term for the next iteration of the internet, was coined way before the explosive popularity of cryptocurrency and other digital assets.
Today, Web3 continues to rise in prominence, capturing the interest of tech giants and holding the attention of those who believe that it possesses the power to translate into reality the vision of a better internet. Among the power players in the industry who have acknowledged that Web3 is the future is a Canadian publicly listed company NFT Technologies. NFT Tech is currently making a buzz for helping brands and IP holders accelerate their entry into a space that, to many, can prove overwhelming and complicated. Widely known for its unique approach to launching web3 project, specifically through cutting-edge technologies that are often taken to the next level through well-executed art, it is set to stand at the forefront of the digital scene in the years to come.
Since its launch, NFT Tech has managed to impress both industry peers and its clients by mainstreaming decentralized ownership, NFTs, and the metaverse through projects like the Cannes-lion winning AO Metaverse for Tennis Australia and Elvis Legacy Council for the Estate of Elvis Presley.
So far, NFT Tech has made significant moves in the industry, including a listing on the NEO Exchange under the ticker “NFT” and the OTCQB® Markets, a US trading platform operated by the OTC Markets Group Inc. under the ticker “NFTFF.”
NFT Tech recently made headlines when it announced that its renewed project with Tennis Australia, AO Metaverse 2023 will offer holders complimentary tickets to the actual tournaments. “Last year, we set a new precedent at the intersection of tech, art, tennis, and live data,” shared CEO Adam De Cata. AO Metaverse has added 2,454 new AO ArtBalls with 115 ArtBalls in a new “Collaborator” category. Since AO22 the project team has been curating a Collaborator ensemble to deliver even more value to our Members and establish a new frontier in token-gated experiences. Their new “Collaborator” category brings additional designs and benefits from iconic projects and brands, including Collective Shift, Creature World, Crypto Chicks, Chainlink, Decentraland, Joyride Games, Marriott International, Metakey, Opensea, Penfolds, the Nouns Foundation, and others.
Apart from its emphasis on deep industry research and complex web3 projects, NFT Tech also places a heavy premium on building technology for play-to-earn games in the hopes of taking the gaming industry to the next level.
Given the dynamic nature of the internet, Web3 may take on an entirely different form in the future or expand into uncharted territories. NFT Tech commits to staying at the frontlines and maneuvering brands in the direction of Web3, helping them navigate the complex waters of this new generation of the internet.
NFT Technologies, a Canadian publicly listed company, has recognized the potential of NFTs and is at the forefront of helping brands and IP holders enter the world of NFTs and Web3. With their cutting-edge technologies, they offer a unique approach to launching web3 projects and have a track record of success, including the Cannes-lion winning AO Metaverse for Tennis Australia and the Elvis Legacy Council for the Estate of Elvis Presley. They have also made significant moves in the industry, including a listing on the NEO Exchange and the OTCQB® Markets, proving their ability to stay ahead of the curve in the digital asset space. With their expertise and knowledge in the space, NFT Technologies is well-positioned to help brands navigate the complex world of NFTs and Web3, and take advantage of the many benefits that this new technology has to offer.

Doxxed Co Combines Real-World Utilities With Technological Advancements to Provide an Out-of-This-World Experience

Since the emergence of blockchain technology, a significant number of entrepreneurs. Also entities have shifted their commercial pursuits to the web3 world. Some may have only used technology as an added strategy. While others have used it to their advantage to promote innovation in their respective trades. In the case of Doxxed Co, an emerging household name in the world of NFTs, it has used the power of the online realm to bring something life-changing into the digital space. Rising through the ranks, this emerging project is setting the bar high for many NFT-driven companies across the industry.

While thousands of projects across the digital space focus on giving individuals. Also organizations the ability to earn and succeed, trailblazing entities like Doxxed Co. Highlight the significance of offering a worthwhile experience. In this fast-paced world, Doxxed Co has found it imperative for industries to provide an avenue. Where people can develop themselves, both personally and professionally. Through its forward-thinking initiatives, this emerging project is revolutionizing the space, one breakthrough at a time.

“Doxxed Co will set the standard for tier-one utility in the blockchain community.

NFT holders will soon participate in a wide array of compelling activities and exclusive experiences,” shared a representative of the project.

As an entity taking pride in its capacity to provide an out-of-this-world experience. Doxxed Co has managed to cement a solid stance across the digital space through real estate. This international mega-mansion network utilizes NFTs as a vehicle of membership on the ethereum blockchain. Offering a wide array of benefits and opportunities that allows holders to acquire new experiences in a highly emerging and ever-evolving trade. From offering high-end real estate to opening an exclusive membership club. This emerging entity is raising the standard across the online realm.

Because of its highly distinctive and innovative approach to NFTs, holders. Get to enjoy a wide variety of benefits with Doxxed Co. Not only do they have access to real-world utilities, most specifically real estate. But they also gain experience by attending real-life art exhibitions, galas, celebrity performances, concerts, and more. Through the Doxxed Co NFT, holders gain access to various benefits and opportunities. That enable them to grow personally and professionally.

By taking pride in its unrivaled ability to open more doors of opportunities through one of the world’s most valued assets. Doxxed Co takes a step even further by offering a play-to-earn experience. Thus, holders utilize their NFTs to earn income while gaining an experience that fuses the online realm with real-world utilities. As a result, Doxxed Co offers a space for go-getters to improve their financial status and go beyond.

True enough, the digital era has become a hot pot of innovative breakthroughs, from providing technological aid to revolutionizing industries across the globe. More can be expected from Doxxed Co as it makes its way to setting the bar high in the world of NFTs. Through its initiatives, it aims to propel more people to greater heights with its exclusive offerings of utilities and experiences.